• She’s going to want to hold my hand and travel with me forever...right?! 😭
  • Last week I had the opportunity of interviewing 20 small business owners in the Seattle area in honor of the Icons of our Tribe campaign with @godaddy.  The project celebrates “beautiful people doing interesting things” and “interesting people doing beautiful things.” The verticals varied from podcasting, to public relations to party planning yet they all shared a common thread >>> Life is on THEIR terms.  They are dictating their day - choosing to be happy, to create, to be a part of the community.  Life is not happening to them...it is happening for them.  Actively self-motivated, engaged and optimistic...they are truly the Icons of our Tribe.  I cannot wait to share their stories with you. ✨ #MakeYourOwnWay #GoDaddy #Ad
  • As you know I’m super transparent about my self-care regimen...and that includes Botox.  But I know you have major questions - like how much does it cost?  does it hurt?  how long does it last?  So I’m answering ALL of them on the blog today thanks to my friends @promedspa 👌🏻 Stay tuned in my stories for a direct link to get your answers! 📷 @j.lailei
  • Sometimes I get lost in the work, my plans for the future overshadowing the present.  So today in between meetings I scrolled through hundreds of memories over the past year.  Italy, Dublin, London, Marco Island, Whistler...the list goes on and I seriously can’t believe I get to do this for a living.  But actually I can.  I said it out loud, redirected my energy, hustled every single day, and welcomed all the good that was coming my way.  You know I’m an audiobook junkie - so if you want to get inside my head listen to @jensincero You Are a Badass Everyday.  Trust me. 🙏🏻
  • Super fun fact:  I’m allergic to walnuts and pecans which can make traveling and eating out tricky.  I know to steer clear of certain desserts, salads and dressings...and to also have my own stash of snack bars (you wouldn’t believe how many have nuts in them!). My girls love @freeyummfoods because they’re DELICIOUS and I love them because they’re free of 8+ allergens including dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat/gluten, fish, shellfish, sulfites & sesame.  For a limited time in the month of January, a selection of FreeYumm bars are 50% off on Amazon (Link in Stories!) 📷 @j.lailei
  • Self-care is one of my love languages - I will be the first to tell you how important it is to treat your mind, body and soul like you are a QUEEN.  Whether it’s an hour massage, yin yoga class or 5 minute meditation...please, I beg of you...take time for yourself everyday.
Thank you @woodhousechs for knowing the way to my heart and allowing me to relax in your beautiful spa while in Charleston last week! {You guys...EVERYONE told me they were the best in town - so save this post to bookmark!} 📷 @simply_korsun_photography
  • Nothing like southern hospitality 🌴 @port2palm graciously welcomed us into her Isle of Palms vacation home - The Beas Nest (30 min out of downtown Charleston) and it is one of the dreamiest places I have ever stayed!  Send @port2palm a message if you’d like to book a stay - perfect for large families!  There’s a ton of rooms, spacious kitchen, pool, yoga nook and right by the beach! ✈️
  • Did you know my first visit to the South was last year?  Over 23 countries yet I passed up an entire region of the US?! One of my biggest regrets.  Don’t let time go by and miss your chance to see the beautiful low country >>> I highly recommend you start with Charleston, SC 💕 📷 @simply_korsun_photography aboard the gorgeous @carolinagirlyacht