• The girls and I took the new @toyotausa #Avalon for a spin last weekend and had a little overnight in Friday Harbor.  I’m grateful for daughters that love a last minute adventure and are still so excited to hang out with their mama!  We grabbed a bite @sanjuanislandbrewing then snuggled in our b&b with cookies and Netflix.  I have to say - their ages (5 & 8) are pretty dang fun...as is this car!!! Can I please keep it #Toyota??? I promise we’ll go on weekly adventures! 🙏🏻 #LetsGoPlaces #Ad
  • I've found the 'post vacation glow' to be more of a state of mind versus the actual state of your skin. When I return from a trip, my skin is usually dehydrated, irritated and way more prone to breakout.  And my spray tan is more than likely worn off, so we're really working from ground zero. Oh and we're tired, which doesn't help. So, let's make a plan - to save our skin and start a post vacation ritual using the @olehenriksen Vitamin C must-haves from Sephora inside @JCPenney (p.s. everything smells like a dreamsicle)! Check out the link in my bio! #SephoraInJCP #OleGlow #Ad
  • I’ve had so many questions on what the heck I’ve been talking about this week - am I changing my brand (again?!)...and the answer is no, I’m evolving.  As bloggers we’re told to niche down.  If you try to please everyone then you’ll end up pleasing no one.  So that’s what I did ✨ And if I’m being honest, I really love my current aesthetic and the content that I share...with that said, you guys have told me you want more home life stuff too - so in my stories I’ll try to share more unedited content and #mom life hacks (more like lessons I’ve learned along the way). Here’s what I need you to do - comment on what you like 🙏🏻 Tell me what you dig, when you dig it.  It helps me create stuff that you enjoy in your feed.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for following me - I LOVE talking to you guys!!! 💕
  • Hey matchy matchy mamas!  If you love to twin with your kids or have them match each other check out @swimzip for the CUTEST suits infant to adult.  My friend @moderndaymoguls has a photo on her feed wearing this same suit with her daughter #goals ✨ By the way this is another #notsponsored post just wanted to share with you 💕
  • I’m digging deep here guys and I need your advice.  What stuff do you like me sharing?  Get specific 🙌🏻.
You can find my yummy slouchy lavender sweater @arlingtonhardware.  For all of my Seattle friends, It’s worth the drive...I promise you.  #notsponsored 📷 @j.lailei
  • I just got my second @lilyjadeco bag and this one is gooooood!  It’s supersized so I can fit ALL the things - and I love that you can convert it into a backpack.  I need my arms free for wrangling kids...and extra suitcases when we travel.  This exact one is called the ‘Meggan’ and you can find it on their website - but go fast before it sells out!
  • I’m going to be completely transparent, when working with brands or destinations, part of our contract is sharing one or two Instagram posts.  Of course I only share what I absolutely love, regardless...but I have posted THIRTEEN photos from our San Diego trip...thus far.  That shows you how much we loved our experience.  From the food to the weather to the COLORFUL WALLS I can’t help but share the magic that is Southern California...and the best part?  You can be on the beach in less than 3 hours SEA ✈️ SAN ☀️ @VisitSanDiego #waypastsponsoredposts
  • @lyft!!! You outdid yourselves!  Thanks for sending us to Beyonce and Jay-Z last night!  This may not be my typical ‘feed’ post but I love it 💕.
P.S.  My friends @lyft are offering discounted codes when dropping off your ballot this election season!  Use code VOTEWA!  @headcountorg #theridetovote #giftfromlyft
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